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Is Lumbar Decompression Right for You? Understanding the Mild® Procedure

Is Lumbar Decompression Right for You?

If you’re one of the millions diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), daily life can become a struggle due to persistent pain and discomfort. However, relief may be within reach with the  mild® Procedure, a revolutionary treatment offered by the Florida Spine & Pain Institute.


In this article, we’ll explore what this minimally invasive procedure entails, how it works, and how it could significantly improve your quality of life.


What is the Mild® Procedure?


The mild® Procedure is a short, outpatient treatment designed specifically for lumbar spinal stenosis. Unlike major surgeries, this low-risk intervention targets a major root cause of LSS without altering the spine’s structural anatomy. Conducted through a tiny incision in your lower back, the mild® Procedure employs specialized tools and imaging to remove thickened ligament, effectively restoring space in the spinal canal.


With a safety profile akin to epidural steroid injections, this outpatient approach ensures that you can return to your normal activities within 24 hours, free from the restrictions that may accompany other treatments.

The Science Behind Lumbar Decompression: How It Works


Understanding how the mild®  Procedure works requires a glimpse into the science behind lumbar decompression. In lumbar spinal stenosis, the spinal canal narrows, leading to compression of spinal cord nerves in the lower back – envision it as a kink in a drinking straw. 


On your X-ray, your doctor identifies and evaluates this problematic area to determine your candidacy for the procedure. The mild® Procedure is designed to be minimally invasive, involving a single tiny incision in your lower back. Your doctor meticulously removes small pieces of bone and thickened ligaments using advanced imaging machines and specialized tools. This process not only restores space in the spinal canal but also alleviates the compression of nerves.


Conducted by skilled interventionalists, the mild® Procedure usually takes less than an hour, and most patients return home the same day with minimal to no pain. This precise and targeted approach ensures that the root cause of LSS is addressed without major structural changes to the spine, setting the stage for a swift and comfortable recovery.


Benefits of the Mild® Procedure


The mild® Procedure stands out for its numerous benefits that directly contribute to an enhanced quality of life:

     1.-Lasting Relief from Pain and Discomfort

By addressing a key cause of LSS, the mild® Procedure provides enduring relief from back and leg pain.

      2.-Preservation of Future Treatment Options

Unlike major surgeries, mild® doesn’t eliminate future treatment possibilities or hinder concurrent therapies for back pain. Your path to recovery remains flexible and comprehensive.

      3.-Quick Recovery and Minimal Discomfort

Most patients return home the same day with minimal to no pain, allowing for a swift return to normal activities within 24 hours.

      4.-No General Anesthesia, Implants, or Steroids

The mild® Procedure is conducted without the need for general anesthesia, implants, stitches, or steroids, minimizing potential side effects and ensuring a smoother recovery.

       5.-Covered by Medicare Nationwide

Financial considerations are crucial, and mild® doesn’t disappoint. Covered by Medicare nationwide, this procedure has become an accessible option for many patients.


Achieve an Improved Quality of Life 


At Florida Spine & Pain Institute, our commitment extends beyond the medical procedure itself. We understand that true improvement lies in enhancing overall quality of life. Following the  procedure, your dedicated healthcare team will likely provide a straightforward at-home physical therapy regimen. This regimen aims to increase walking and core strength, promoting ongoing improvements in mobility over time.


Thousands of individuals with lumbar spinal stenosis have experienced the transformative effects of the mild® Procedure. With an impressive 85% patient satisfaction rate, studies indicate a continual enhancement in functionality, including increased mobility and reduced pain.

How to Know if You’re a Good Candidate for the mild® Procedure?


Determining whether you’re a candidate for the mild® Procedure is straightforward. If you’ve been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis and are seeking relief beyond your current treatment, Florida Spine & Pain Institute can guide you through the evaluation process. To initiate this journey towards improved well-being, you can explore more information on lumbar decompression on our Lumbar Decompression page


With its remarkable benefits, focus on enhancing quality of life, and accessible candidacy evaluations, this procedure may be the key to a pain-free and more vibrant future. 


Don’t let lumbar spinal stenosis dictate your life – explore the possibilities with the mild® Procedure at Florida Spine & Pain today.

The Mild® Procedure is Available at Our Davenport, Clermont, and Orlando, Florida locations

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