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What is a Physiatrist?

What Is A Physiatrist?

Physiatrists (also referred to as Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians) are trained medical professionals who specialize in rehabilitative care. Able to work in acute and subacute medical facilities, physiatrists can be an incredibly valuable member of the team when placed in a skilled nursing facility.

Just like other physicians, physiatrists undergo four years of medical school followed by four additional years of postdoctoral residency training to hone their skills in patient rehabilitation, team collaboration, and acute medical assessment.

What is a Physiatrist

Physiatrists Are Able To Diagnose And Treat A Variety Of Health Conditions. Physiatrist Specialties Include:

•  Restore strength

•  Enhance mobility

•  Recover from surgery faster

• Experience less chronic pain

•  Reduce physical deficits

• Live more independently

• Improve quality of life

Physiatrists Vs Physical Therapists What’s The Difference?

While both physiatrists and physical therapists work with patients to improve their health, there are some key differences and benefits that a physiatrist can bring to your clinic that are worth exploring. 

A physiatrist is a trained medical doctor who specializes in rehabilitative care. Able to diagnose, provide medical interventions, and prescribe medications, they are a fully autonomous provider capable of designing tailor-made patient care plans for every one of their patients.

Physical therapists use the treatment plans designed by physiatrists and other physicians to provide care to their patients. They are a valuable member of the team, often working closely with physiatrists to integrate their treatment protocols to optimize patient health outcomes.